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It's so easy to laugh, It's so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind

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  • a little Native American (Blackfoot)
  • and a little German
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I Feel Abandoned

Closed Out I wrote this when I was 15 after a close friend was killed and my brother tried to take his own life I used to be a happy 14yr old girl until April 27th when a close friend was... [more]
  • I Am Seeking Inner Peace

    Fight War, Not Wars. Destroy Power, Not People. I've had a pretty rough life, It's always one thing after another. At first the more I went through the more angry I got. Then after a while I just kind of gave up. But It's kind of hard to give up on… [more]
  • I Struggle With Mental Illness

    Why Me? All my life I always knew I was different then everyone else, I just didn't know why. I thought differently, I couldn't fit in, I never had very many friends because I could never find anyone I could … [more]
  • I Get Stuck In My Past In My Mind Sometimes

    The Real War Is Inside... I've been through many traumatizing events! I always thought that just because I can talk about them over and over, it meant that they didn't effect me. But in all reality they did. I was molested at … [more]
  • I Think People Forget the Beauty In Everyday Life

    Underestimated I am 20 years old physically but mentally I am a child. I've had so many traumatizing memories in my life and I still havn't fully dealt with. Its like my life is still stuck on pause and I cant press… [more]