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I Know It'S Wrong To Ignore The Truth

i know there's no future in our Relationship, no matter how much he loves me i can never be for him... no matter how much i love him i know i will go away one day.. i know the Truth very well but i'm... [more]
  • I Know What My Problem Is

    i thought always that people around me could be better,,, that anybody should try to be a good person, but i never asked myself if i am a good person or not...if i am good with the way i treat my fri… [more]
  • I Am Lonely, Even Among People

    it's like just me living,seeing and feeling me.. other people come and go, no one stay or cares... superficial people those days, and the world is changed.. I'm alone even with being among 1000 peopl… [more]
  • I Could Be Crazy Or Stupid I Don't Know Just Tell Me What You

    coult that be a problem ? plzz read this , and tell me what you think... TY *last week i met up with a guy , we kissed and hugged (no sxxx ), he is a dancer, i really liked his comp… [more]
  • I Don't Know How To Move On

    my Brother died since 2weeks.. he was 2years older than me, i don't know what happened to me since he's gone.. i don't know how people can get over such a terrible loss.. it kills me seeing mom sad li… [more]