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I love to help people and there is a joy that can't match the smile on the face of a person when you have helped make a difference in their day or life.

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I Need To You To Read This Before Try To Befriend Me

Not Your Adverage Girl I am not your adverage girl so don't befriend me if you are looking for a person like you. I have an open marriage I have sex with my friends. I think sex is like food and you need it everyday. I have... [more]
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    I love Wonder Woman!
    So I decided to change my image to a superhero crime fighter after Pussandboots18 changed hers. I wished I thought of her avatar first. Cat woman is my favorite. I guess it's only fair, she really has grown to love pussycats a lot.… [more]
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    Are you happy to be you?
    I love that I live this life of mine the way I want to and not feel the pressure to be someone else to please over people. I love that I respect society without being molded by it. I think monogamy is beautiful and special, but it is not for me. I am happy to be me... are you happy to be you? I believe you should help the elderly,sick, shut ins and people being mistreated. People should be there for each other in times of trouble or disasters. I love people in general, and eventhough I will never have children. Making them a wish and sponsering them or whatever a child needs makes me happy. These are a thimble size of the things that make me happy. I am happy to be me, are you happy? I love … [more]
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    Why did you leave?
    You were funny and clever. I loved every comment you made and I enjoyed you very much. I want to protect younger ones and care for older people. I know you are a man but how can I talk that way to an older person that should be respected? Why did you leave, I miss you already and the way you made me laugh? Why couldn't we keep things the way they and light humor? I really liked you, Damn!I am sorry if my honesty about your age hurt you or made you angry. I can't help it.… [more]
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    No more intimate details about my life on my confessions but..
    I would like to suggest that you never stop when your partner is insisting they can't take anymore pleasure. On the other side of that resistance is real pure raw unfiltered ecstasy. Why in the world would you stop? Their brain can't wrap around what the body can do and experience. If you are causing real pain, of course you stop but pleasure...why? The minute your partner says I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE...that is your que to gun it or continue. The reward for them and you is PRICELESS.… [more]