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I am a loner, not looking for love but female friendship.

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I Push People Away Even When I Dont Want to

I Also Push People Away Because Of My Past Experiences With Most People I trust nobody except myself and I haven't been intimate with a Woman in several years I haven't went out with a Woman in years either, but now it's no bfd of course there is no ******* way I would... [more]
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  • I W T K Ladies Do You Let Husband Or B F Give You An Enema

    A Couple Of Warm Enemas And A Hot Shower There is no better feeling knowing I'm clean both inside and out, I love my enemas as mentioned before I was embarrassed and just plain discussed several years ago when anybody would mention the word… [more]
  • I Love Enemas

    Different Types Of Enema's I can't remember my first enema since I was quiet young but some people buy the disposable enema's but not me, I have the bag enema which I love because I would much rather make my own enema that way … [more]
  • I Love Enemas

    I Love Enema's I can't remember my first but as I was very young I always thought it was a very hurtful thing giving yourself a enema, but as I moved into my own house I found out it is a experience which feels so d… [more]
  • I Love Enemas

    Loving My Bag Enemas My first bag enema that I remember was as I lived in my own house however I loved giving myself a enema several year ago I hung it in my bathroom in my master bedroom where nobody had any reason going… [more]