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I am a douche and hate fake people with a passion, that is about 80 percent of the population i gather. Do not come on here and f uck with me. I will r ape you head so bad you'll end up with PSTD and flashbacks until your 60...if you're over 60 f uck off and go die b itchez

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I Have Derealization

Bleh... I recently just went through a type of psychosis from antipsychotic withdrawal that i never really needed in the first place (very long story)...anyways...basically I got to the point where i truly... [more]
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  • I Found Love On Ep

    -_- Dear Dumb *****, you know who you are....F UCKING F UCK YOU B TICH GODDDDD I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH FAKKKK GTFO...-_-… [more]
  • I Was In a Car Accident

    Close Call I was 19 at the time. Me and my friends were drinking and smoking weed at my buddies place. For whatever reason and our complete utter stupidity we go for a drive. One of my friends who was driving to… [more]
  • I Like Photoshop

    Psychosis expression of my psychosis during antipsycotic withdrawal. Working link - zoom in when you get there, you'll lose details if you don't.… [more]
  • I Am a Narcissist

    -_- F UK YEA I'M TEH S HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Predator or Prey , you either worse than everyone or better...nuff said...well for me anyways....… [more]