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I don't have a girlfriend :/

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I Have a Confession

I love girls who burp. I'm not sure what it is about it but it's so hot. If your a "young" girl and yOu love to burp message me :) [more]
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  • I Am a Flirt

    Lonely Im a flirtatious guy. But recently I broke up with my girlfriend, and I've been pretty down. All I need is someone who wants to flirt. I'm not a creeper lol don't worry.… [more]
  • I Like Burping

    Yep I Love girls who burp. Needless to say I like burping haha. To me, any burping girl is perfect in my eyes :)… [more]
  • I Am Single and Available

    Single And Available :) I live in North Carolina and am single. I'm not necessarily the most attractive guys, and I have one odd quirk; I like it when girls burp. For most girls it's a deal killer, for others it's a reason t… [more]
  • I Am Single

    Being Single I hope i can find a girlfriend, in my age range (18-21), who loves to burp. i just want to find somone on this site who loves to belch and talk about it.… [more]