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i have blackish brownish hair and big brown eyes i really love being there for people i want to be a councelor/psychologist/therapist when i grow up

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I Cant Stop Thinking About My Rape

Is This Considered As Rape? Okay so like ive got this guy friend and we were sort of friends with benefits..We started speaking about us having sex and i told him at first that i wanted to but after i had thought about it i told... [more]
  • I Want Someone I Can Talk to

    Emotionless Im fourteen years old my dads side of the family hates my mother , im losing all my friends, no1 wants to here me out, i feel alone in this world, i wish someone understood me, my school marks arnt th… [more]
  • I Really Need a Friend

    How I Lost My Closest Childhood Friend Her name is michaela and she has a brother and his name is matthew.....we have been friends since i was 6¬†and matthew was 6 and michaela was 9...i was very close with both of them i could… [more]
  • I Will Give You My Everything

    To My Heavenly Father, Jesus lord jesus i am truly sorry for everything i have done wrong, jesus you know my doings and thoughts i jus pray that you will clense me and me n my life with your overflowing cuo of love, wisdom and kn… [more]
  • I Want Someone I Can Talk to

    Oh My Word I have a sister she is 19, she is my fathers child not my mothers anyway at first i honestly didnt know why my father and my sisters mother got divorced but today my sister told me the truth..........… [more]