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I "Got The Belt" When I Was A Kid

Terrifying times when this happened. .dad would sit on the chair and tell me to go to his closet and get a belt I would have to pick one and take it to him...then I had to go over his knee [more]
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  • I Was Spanked At School, At Home

    Double Spanking One day at school when i was 6 i was naughty in class and was sent to the head teacher miss Galloway who spanked me over her knee then sent me back to class,sadly she also did a letter for home… [more]
  • I Spanked My Oldest Daughter

    3 Yrs Ago   i had to go up to the school as they had suspended our oldest daughter and we had to pick her up,she had abusive along with another girl and after 3 warnings she had been suspended for 1 day … [more]
  • I Saw Someone Get Spanked

    Neighbour Spanking Just after christmas last year,a girl about 25 yrs old moved in next door with 3 children,twin boys aged 6 and a 3 yrs old wife was friendly with her and about a month after she moved … [more]
  • I Saw Someone Get Spanked

    Charlottes Painful Reminder Charlotte is 6 yrs old and has just learnt at school words she shouldn`t use and has been told off about on many occasions by her mum and has been on many occasions threatened with the slipper.......C… [more]