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Been to hell and back, see the worst in people. And recently... The best :)

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I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

It Gets Better A couple of months back I was badly hurt, sexually abused, and when I was four I was abused also. I was ruined, I hit rock bottom. I was a drunk, cutter, did what ever I wanted, ran out on my mother... [more]
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    I have photos on my phone of my bruises and cuts after I was abused a couple of months ago... I can't find it in myself to delete them because if I do, I'm scared that the incident will stop mattering any more.... I didn't really tell anyone, only my boyfriend, and he didn't know how to help.... I was stranged till my neck went black and I was punch till half my face was black and blue. My thighs bruised and cut, and now I'm in this place where the photos I took of them injuries are on my phone and I see them everyday. I don't know how I can delete them without losing myself. They reassure me it was real, that it really happened, that I'm like this for a reason... I don't know what I'd do wi… [more]