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hi my name is Matt, i love glee and i don't care what people say/think,glee has changed/saved my life,i love all the cast but my true idols are Lea Michele and Cory Monteith [R.I.P buddy] i will follow/support them both till the day i die

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I Had A Dream

I had a dream today where i/everyone els on earth had to die so we could live in another time [the future] and we all did eventually and when we did we all ended up on a planet like mars,something was... [more]
  • I Draw Stuff

    Drawing when i draw when im happy im lazy and just draw stick people but when im feeling down [ depressed ] i can draw¬†propley from people to cars to other things off google.but i was told that i can free dr… [more]
  • I Love My Best Friend

    I Love My Bestfriend I've fallen inlove with my best friend and even tho she knows and is okay with it, it still hurts everyday and is hard to be near her and hug her,i think about her most of the day evryday… [more]
  • I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over

    Music when i listen to any kind of music eg. rock.heavy metal,tracne and techno, but the main.... SCREMO ..i listen to it if i love the sound of it i can put it on over and over and over and over and over a… [more]
  • I Listen to Music When I'm Upset

    Music when im angry or sad or depressed i listen to either emo or rock music and then when i jump round i feel better :)… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    whenever i feel angry i vent myself by punching brick walls,concreat floors,doors,windows,wooden beds and steel containersand even when im not angry i like hitting them again so i feel the pain and for some reson i like the pain so i hit walls more untill the point where i damage my knuckels and fingers… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    i have feelings
    i have feelings for my bestfriends mum,ive told them both and they say there fine with it because its fine and natural :) but even now they both know......i feel awkword bein near them both,shes getting married to her fiance greg and i feel like punching his face in,i think about her all day,in my dreams,writting and to the point where i want to spend all of my time with her family and live with them,i wish i could be with her but yeh shes engaged and she 37 odd + theres an age diffrence and she doesnt feel the same way about mejust wanted to get all this out about how i feel about her… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    i cant be botherd
    i was diagnosed with diabetes when i was 8yrs old and since then i havent been taking my medication properly :/,i cant be botherd to do it anymore because i want to feel normal about it and even now my eyes and kidneys are SLOWLEY starting to go bad i still cant understand how to care about taking my medication… [more]
  • School Confessions

    wish i didnt know
    when i was in school this new councerlor joined because the other guy left for a new job,when i met her i was nice to her for the first few days but then i picked on her and i did that from year 7-12 and she took all of the agro and bullying i did to her,i realised why i did it,i had feelings for her,now that im not there i only see her when i pick my little sister up from school and i remember the pain i caused for her and i get stronger feelings for her,sometimes i wish i was just nice to her from the start to end,i left the school 6 months ago and i still feel bad about being mean to her… [more]