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I'm strong minded and dedicated to helping all I can.

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  • a little Italian (Sicilian)
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    If I can help you, why can't I help me?
    I have spent my whole life helping everyone I could whether I knew then or not. I have saved people from suicide, drugs and alcohol, dangerous situations and even just helped to sort out their problems in a way that makes sense to them so they can begin to self solve. I teach people almost every day how to break down their problems into tiny managable peices. Yet with all I can do to save others, I still can't save myself. I have hated myself for so long I can't even remember why. I refuse to look into a mirror unless I have to, I refuse to be naked unless needed, I'm so self concious that I have cut myself off from the public mostly. Unless someone is with me I will avoid public places as m… [more]