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I Dislike The Government

We Are All Just Numbers! if you really stop and think, to the government and schools we are just numbers. thats why we had school IDs and Social security numbers and phone number and adresses. Also, the CST's well any state... [more]
  • I Love Band Jokes

    Random Band Jokes so in my band class in high school, our teacher tells a TON of band jokes :D i only remember a few, and if your not a band person, good luck trying to understand a few XD oh and some might not seem fu… [more]
  • I Dont Like How Greedy the World Has Become

    My Cousins Insurence Problem My cousin Johnny Murrieta is a 20 year old who is kind, intelligent, helpful and sensitive.  Many people have commented that he is a "gentle soul".  He is a sophomore at Woodland Community Colleg… [more]
  • I Hate Evil Teachers

    Evil teacher atleast knows some good books ish my rude teacher might turn out to be somewhat nice. i mean yes he brags...A LOT....but maybe possibly hes okay..... what happened yesterday was i finally got my book back. its called "The Book of… [more]
  • I Hate When Adults Lie But Dont Realize It

    Adults Always Say They Understand When They Really Dont thats awWe have all heard our parents say it when we have had a bad day, "i understand" or "i know what your going through" WELL. obvoiusly they dont. they went to school in a totally different t… [more]