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I Would Go Back In Time If I Could

I Would Go Back In Time If I Could Only If I Couldn't Undo It... because I would choose a different response to a decision I made that I believe would have changed my life and everyone I know's life for the better. [more]
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  • Health Confessions

    I just meditated today for over 10 minutes. I believe it helps me with my self consciousness and finding myself. If I could meditate everyday I believe I could see improvements in my mental health. Because of the stress,anxiety, and depression I live with, being able to take a moment in my day and pause all of this allows me to enter a better state of being.… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    april 7
    i think i look at **** and ********** too much. i think it is causing me to be depressed and anxious. I think it is the reason why I am so nervous all the time and why i get anxious thoughts. i started working out and stop looking at any ****/************. It sounds extreme to not ********** at all but i think i need to go cold turkey for a good deal of time. I hope i can continue to exercise daily through a workout routine and notice some significant changes in the next two months or so. Hopefully i can keep my promises to myself. HER(PUHRIEWHRIEWRHEWIRHi… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Study Group
    I was in a study group today and it was with a bunch of people from my Chemistry Lecture/Lab. We were working on the Pre-lab around a table of about 10 people. I know two people in the group a little bit, but not very well at all. The rest are basically strangers I know the names of. I was so anxious it was getting hard to be in there, not to mention it made it hard to focus and attempt to work out the problems. I don't know what it is but without even speaking or having anything to say, I feel like any attempts I could make wouldn't be good enough, as in they wouldn't truly express who I am and wouldn't be genuine. I want to talk freely, I don't want to have to force myself to talk.… [more]
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    My head hurts My head hurts My head hurts My head hurts … [more]