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I Can Write Words Better Than I Can Speak Them

Freedumb Snippet ...lifes a *****,and the world,AiNT,gone help you,so you might as welljust kill yourself,and be helpful,go to hell,FOOLcuz i dont know what to tell you to compel you,and,hell,nikka,nu'un... [more]
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  • I Want To Make You Understand How Much You Hurt Me

    Love Hurts love hurtsand the pain, it never fades away. there's nothing to take for it, and it seems pointless to pray when NOTHIN no one can say can change how you feel as your tears spill at will. and yo… [more]
  • I Write

    Cawlette Wutchawon't  I was the forlorn 3rd born, BORN, durin a storm on an early morn. with a spirit already partly torn. BORN, selfish. allergic to shellfish, YET, selfless. helpless. and the Lord knows. I can't he… [more]
  • I Write

    Cawlette Wutchawon't iii ...and like a runaway slave. I'm MASTERLESS after this. and blasphemous. DIDN'T ask for this. a PACIFIST with his *** to kiss with this PAST of his. JUST ask his kids. he can't relax for **** when the… [more]
  • I Write

    Cawlette Wutchawon't ii ..Father, FORGIVE ME. for I have sinned. BUT. with the way things have been. I. may have to do it again to put it to an end. SO. just be a friend and be there to do as you see fair. OR. just tell 'em … [more]