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well my life is going down hill again...

i'm 16. and i have really good friends.

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I Want to Tell My Story

The Begining Of My Life When I moved with my grandmother I found out life isn’t about taking care of your siblings when you fourteen. It’s not about cooking and cleaning and watching your sister three year old sister... [more]
  • I Have a Younger Sister

    My Sister Is Like My Daughter And I'm Only 16.. i have been there since my sister was born. i've been raising her since she was like 2. she's four now and she's in kansas and i'm in Texas. i miss her with all my heart. my mom was recently thrown in… [more]
  • I Miss My Old Self

    Were I Am Today. My mother just got out of jail. my sister the one i have taking care of since was 2 is in Kansas. My bother is on the other side of Texas and I'm in San Antonio. what a life. how did it get this way? … [more]
  • I Hate My Mom a Lot

    Someone Help Me! I put a smile on my face were the tears should be falling down. I act like everything’s okay when it’s not. I try to act as normal as I can without breaking down in front of everyone crying, … [more]
  • I Feel Like My Dreams Are Telling Me Something

    Sister Kidnapped. so i keep having this dream that my sister is getting kidnapped. it has happend a few nights in a row now and i jsut keep thinking its going to come true. in that dream i get tortured untill i die try… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    never going to happen again.....
    It was a long time ago.. i was 14.. you were 18.. i know i had to break it off but  every time i see you i get flashbacks and i think of what could have been. it's been 2 years and we both act like nothing happen. we never did anything nor were we goin to but you were like my first kiss, the first time i snuck out. the first time i snuck out and i remember my friend let me sleep over at her house so i could hang with you. i remember the day you told me you loved me adn the day i cried on your shoulder. i thought i loved you but i didnt it was the thought of love that i loved. i got in so much trouble for you. i made every exuse to go to ranglers to see you. lol i memember when i first met yo… [more]