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About I'm a very sensitive person,and I have A.D.D,so as I was growing up,I wound up developing a heightened intuition .I tried to shut down those channels by using alchohol and drugs.It didn't work.It just made Me depressed.I got approx.5 yrs.of councilling.During this period in time,I was in an encounter group style setting dealing almost exclusively with our emotions.There had never been any other similar groups doing this type of group therapy.The name our group was the Pioneer group.We were the first-we were cutting edge,at that time.During this time we discussed the way that Universal Consiousness worked,and how to tap into it.As we became more healthy we worked on it's doorways,and how to get into-and out of-that very same energy band that people like Bill Gates,and Steven Hawking tapped into on a daily basis.We started to tap into a wide range of energies(Auras-E.S.P.Telepathy ,etc.) We had a blast!.We had done all of the heavy lifting,all of tough Psycological work,and we really pushed the boundaries,as to just how far we could go-where would it lead us? Some of us wound up being featured on a special reporting on 12 step programs.That was kind of cool,and I felt like some sort of star-for 15 mins.,or so.As we grew.When we were satisfied that we had gone about as far as we could go in that,all of us knew that it was time to put all to the test,and sort of just drifted apart in 1989.I've done a lot more than I could've ever thought possible,and I can't wait to see what's around the bend for me,toodlooo
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