Male , 16-17
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Someday I will find you... And runaway leaving all those piles of problems in our lives!

I am a friendly person to nice people. I like swimming and singing, reading novels, writing, drawing.

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  • a little Japanese
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I Am Bi

I Finally Found Myself My recent posts Of stories was about my sexuality. My life from the past years was full of hardships, full of pain. I can't actually imagine why I am still here, after many times I gave up life, and... [more]
  • I Am Struggling With Being Gay

    I Want a Accompaniment I am not liking being confused of myself. It's very depressing the way you've been like this, being bisexual/homo, I couldn't even tell yet what am I. I wasn't feeling to tell this to anyone because I… [more]
  • I Lost a Loved One

    Time Is Precious Time definitely is precious for us. And I didn't realize that before my cousin died.. This day I had a great time being with my classmates and celebrating our Teacher's Day. It was … [more]
  • I Would Adopt All Strays If I Could

    Lending A Hand Since when I became aware to things around me, I became very passionate with animals. I loved them much as my friends, or a family member. To me, they are also the ones to share your problems with, th… [more]
  • I Am Bi

    Well I Guess I Am still confused of this....I dont really understand what I am right now. cuz at some point I am having switching emotions which bothers me everytime. It saddens me because it hurts (if you know what I … [more]