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I Need Help I Dont Know What to Do

Pain Is My Prison Im not sure exactly where to start. But because its easier to write what I feel I decided every weekend I will tell some of MY story in hopes that I get some responce. Im hoping it will help me to... [more]
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  • I Was Sexualy Abused

    No Longer Keeping Quiet I suppose since it happened to me more than once. I learned how to shut myself off and escape..hide the pain....never in a million years did I think history would repeat itself! I did all in my power … [more]
  • I Hate Myself

    Raw Truth I Was Happy... Im abt to rip a page from my soul, from my own personal diary...finding out that this cloud that hovers over me, this sad soul....was once blissfully blind by emotions that seem so untouchable now....… [more]
  • I Need to Decide If I'll Stay In My Marriage

    Differences So I found myself over the kitchen sink doing dishes barking out my beliefs as if he were my worst enemy. Wtf is wrong with me today? Im so full of pains and troubles that Ive grown bitter and o… [more]
  • I Need to Decide If I'll Stay In My Marriage

    Decision To Divorce ..or Not To Divorce...whats There To Hold On To? I'm just another heart in need of rescue, Waiting on love's sweet charity An' I'm gonna hold on For the rest of my days, 'Cos I know what it means To walk along the … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I found fool's love ( not the jackpot!)
    Its obvious that this relationship is a fluke. I wake up at 4am to find hes even yet to catch a wink. Why ? After all Ive been thru for him Im starting to wonder why I let this go on? Maybe Im the idiot here. He takes and takes from me leaving me exhausted , yet I believe in his empty promises, bullshit , and confessions of undying love for me. Oh really...??  I force myself to sleep at night ( lonely mind you) so that I dont become that pushy, self absorbed other half. ( Fact is I am avoiding becoming him!) This 37 yr old over grown boy needs a momma not a romantic partner! Really I mean what good am I ?Does he cling to me not of love but of the fact that hes needy? Hes been outta work 8 mo… [more]