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I Have a Confession

How else can I get my heart to beat so fast? How can I make this excitement last? How else can this feeling be prolonged? Can a heart learn such a song? [more]
  • I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Too Many Sides Of Me I am not any one thing. I know that no human is. As with most of my species I have a gambit of emotions and attitudes. It just feels that each one has its own personality and set of rules and unfort… [more]
  • I Like To Write Poetry

    A Letter To The Dearly Departed An over due letter to the dearly departed, In our lives, those that we miss, Whether its been days, months or years, We've held back the tears Those we wish we held longer or k… [more]
  • I Like To Write Poetry

    A Lesson For The Monsters. Maria wiped her eyes, One was swollen, black and sore, And though make up was a weak disguise she oft said "I walked in to the door". She decided to do as she was told,… [more]
  • I Have Family Problems

    I am 32 years of age, my brother is 37. After our father passed away when I was 10 and my brother was 15, he helped raise me. I may of picked up a few bad habits but I know deep down we are both good … [more]