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Move to a new place again..
feeling hopeful
About I am.. quiet, humble, modest, unique, quirky, and of course a nice girl. I newly discovered that I have bi-polar disorder. I think it's better than before, where I had a major depressive disorder because of my broken-family. I sometimes feel depression but then change to brave to reach all my dreams. I could be very silent but then change to be very talkative. I could be very happy and laugh but then change to be very sad and cry. I could be an introvert but then change to be an extrovert. I could have a high craziness threshold and then change to a deep anxiety. I truly love nature. I love animals. I love rain and snow. I love photography, traveling, and writing.
Last Seen Nov 8, 2014
Member Since Sep 14, 2011
Favorite Quote “c'est la vie..”
  • 100% Indonesian
Vices Depression
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Gemini
Special day 6-3
Books Anthony Buckeridge
Music Maher Zain
Movies Gokusen
Local Time August 5th, 12:17 AM
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