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I Love Life Complications

Love Life Complications I Need Help Okay so heres the thing I met the man of my dreams...or so I thought back when I was 20 now he was everything I could have wanted he supported me through everything I was so In love I gave him... [more]
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    I cant seem to figure it out
    I have some really deep inner issues that I cant seem to find the root to them I cant exactly figure out what it is im not crazy or any thing I just have self estem and loving issues and I cant quite figure it out why… [more]
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    piging out
    Omg so im so ashamed in myself today! I dont know what exacrly has came over me but I dont think I like it lol. With in the past 2 hours I have eatin everything in site. I made my nephew go get me a box of hostess cup cakes and I ate every last one of them I made a pack of chicken and ate 4 pieces and a big side of mashed potatoes I then made a box of brownies and I ate every last one the whole pan full of brownies with ice cream I usually dont eat very much and im a pretty small lady im 5'4 and I way 130. I dont know what came over me I took a small nap and now im up ready to eat agin! Im so embarrassed lol i wonder whats come over me… [more]