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I Had A Dream

I had a weirdly disturbing dream the other night. I was wandering through a very dark and large house. It was home, however not a home I have ever lived in before. As I went from room to room I was... [more]
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  • I Am Insecure

    Can You Be An Extrovert And Completely Insecure? Have you ever tried to explain a problem that you know you are struggling with but just can't put into words? That's what the last two or three months have been. I have a history of failed relationshi… [more]
  • I Want to Know Your Five Factor Personality Profile

    My 5 Factor Personality Test Factor I : Extroversion (AKA Surgency)This trait reflects preference for, and behavior in, social situations. People high in extroversion are energetic and seek out the comp… [more]
  • I Moo At Cows

    Moo Cow Get Out The Way Where I live there are a number of dairy farms so driving around you cannot help but see cows all over the place. To this day when I see them I can't help but go... "moooooooooooooo" ...if that isn't … [more]
  • I Have Had Multiple Concussions

    Problems Now Throughout high school I received a number of concussions, surprisingly mostly during basketball (played football and never had an injury, but was chronically injured during basketball season). Then a… [more]
  • I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

    Posted on: October 11th, 2012 at 4:36PM

    Of course I write a long pitiful post full of wishy-washy-ness and then things just fall apart even more. I wish, I truly wish I were better at explaining my problems in a forum like this, or even to other people but I clam up worse anyone could ever know. There have only been a handful of people I've felt comfortable talking to in this sort of manner and most of those people I feel too guilty to lay my type of burdens on their feet. I have a few wonderful, supportive people around me whom have already proven to be very dependable, but I just can't open up. I have little to no family support, but that has been true for at least 15 years, so that missing piece doesn't even truly effect me. I … [more]