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    Wide path ahead
    Standing on crossroad where u dont knw where it wil lead to? I have a secure future If I work in the same stream as a Employee of a prestigious organisation.. I have a option to select it and keep working the way they want me to.. But wht abt my saticfation and inner peace.. I feel I am not the one for this work.. This works is eating me from inside.. Other way is to go off track and face the challenge and do some thing of my own.. Various question related to insecure future question stopping me.. Soon I wil take a major decision..… [more]
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    Wht next?
    I remember the days when I use to get up and need to get ready for school.. Only reason, I know I m doing it bcos everyone else is doing it and feel it is respectable to score good.. I get encouragement when they appaluse my success.. I feel competent and compete.. Each day with new challenge.. Was it a real challange or the challenge created by me?? Now got into gd place, Still I feel an emptiness.. Im not here for wht Im doing? Im trying to fill the unending vessel.. Will there be any day whem I feel tht I need nothing..?? Have I lost the path, Shall I try something else?? I want to search peace and completeness.. Long way to go with no path appearing.. Soon I will take first step :)) Btut… [more]