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I Paint My Toe Nails

Love Painting My Toes!!! i stopped painting my toes for quite a while, then i kept having urges to paint my nails in general again. my jobs have generally not allowed for me to paint my fingernails, so i decided i'd paint my... [more]
  • I Am African American

    Proud Of Me :) Black people generally don't like me...but that's ok. I've grown up around white people most of my life since all the schools I attended were predominately white. I think this is the reason why I get … [more]
  • I Am the Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Wife of a United States Marine

    New To All This!!! I met my Marine on a penpal site last year, we've talked for several months now and the plan is to be officially dating once we meet in April (maybe before, not sure right now but I know that I love h… [more]
  • I Like Purple

    Somewhat Of A Purple Newbie... i started liking purple somewhat recently, i believe it was last summer. i told myself for the longest time that i would never wear or like pink or purple, but the day i started considering purple clo… [more]
  • I Like Gabriel Iglesias

    There Needs To Be A Love Group For Him!!! I really don't remember where I first stumbled across Fluffy, but I've been hooked ever since. I've seen all his dvd's (of course) and saw him last year at the Dow Event Center when he came to my city… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I Love Someone I've Never Met....
    I'll show him this one day, but April of last year, I met a Marine named Marley on a penpal site. He's stationed in Yuma, AZ and I pretty much wrote him off as being anything more than a friend from the beginning. I talked to him about the issues I was having with my boyfriend (at the time) and gave some good advice. Eventually we moved the conversations to texting (currently our main form of communication) and we've called each other a few times. As time went on, I found that we have more that a few things in common. We both like animes, not necessarily the same ones, but some of his favorites are mine as well. I kinda gravitated toward him because I figured he'd just be someone I got anime… [more]