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I Have a Scar On My Heart

Forgiveness Hurts I wish I could forget about him for cheating before and during my pregnancy... Hurting us as if we are nothing. Ignoring us. I learned to forgive. I feel as if the other women were worth more than my... [more]
  • I Am Struggling With Forgiveness

    He Wants Me To Hurt. . . Even When I Am Pregnant!?!?! My ex fiancee wants to work it out with me and start going to church. This is peculiar as he has had over 6 additional sex partners in less than 6 months along with me behind my back and yes. . . whil… [more]
  • Revenge Confessions

    Calling him out to all his women
    My chil's father left me and our son from pressure, and it hurt me a lot. I was tempted to tell all the girls he is juggling about each other and why he wont be removing my tattoo from his heart... But Jesus tells me it will end bad so I will let God handle the situation the way he sees fit.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Gave me chances?
    He claims he gave me chances, but I was NOT the one passing around STDs. . . Btch. . .… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Keyed my car
    Your btch was so jealous, she keyed my car in rage. I have our child, and she decided to key his door. Glad you broke up with her... Partially bcuz ur in love with me and your 7 years her senior acting 15 yrs your junior. It's a shame it took this after our break to realize you still wanted me. For her keying my car, let her know it will be FOS, FIGHT ON SIGHT. THAT IS ALL...… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Guarantee vs Uncertainty
    There is a reason I chose the maybe over the definite. The maybe was so easy and comforting that it was boring. I left a great man behind to help an ok man reach greatness. THAT will be the best love.… [more]