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I Love and Accept My Post-baby Body

It Could Be Worse... After my son was born I lost mostly all my baby weight in about 2 weeks. I could careless about eating and all I wanted to do was smother him with love. Today, there are a few things that I could... [more]
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  • I Am a Single Mother

    I Will Be Just Fine... After a healthy physical pregnancy and horrible mental support from my spouse. I took my son (at 3 months of age) and walked away from his father. I had no job, no savings, but a great family to help … [more]
  • I Have Social Anxiety

    Since I Relocated... When I was younger (in about the 3rd grade) I moved to California from Illinois. Before we move to Cali I was a happy, open, kind, and very social kid. I like to ask questions and meet new people. Whe… [more]
  • I Am Going Through a Separation

    8 Months Along. I left my husband 8 months ago. Our son was only a few months old, and my husband had really withdrawn from the family during pregnancy thru birth. I left him, because of his lack of help during the m… [more]
  • I Want to Go Out On a Date

    A Great Time I just want to go out on a date and have a wonderful time. Not one of those dates where it ends uncomfortably, or your making up things to say! I have a hard time making fake conversation so if I don'… [more]