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I Love Soccer

It's A Curse Of Loving Soccer. everytime, i kept on thinking of soccer. it is everything to me. I always dream of being a soccer player but i end up as a loser without achieving my goal. I am a great fan of liverpool F.C... [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Teacher

    I Think My Teacher Likes Me I have a teacher and he is like snazzy. i was totally in love with him and whole day i was obsessed of it. But does he love me.?? i met him last year, he was our class teacher. at first i dont even li… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Teacher

    Does My Friend Like Me? i doubt whether my friend, johny likes me or not. he stayed near to my house. while we are playing together , he will always happy to be in the same group with me. he never talks rude to me even if is… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    i go imprinting
    well! i am some kinda craaazy girl. i kept on imprinting on someone(mr.b) whom i dont like. it seems like he have a crush on me and then i started noticing.and the more interesting he is a friend of someone(mr.a) who had a crush on me of which i did not welcome. they are both losers, i should say. they both are somewhat around 15 or 16. they are drunkers ,smokers and drug users and they blame me for this actions.everytime mr.b is with mr.a, he will ask me to help his friend by becoming his friend girlfriend. And the time when mr.b is alone he will create scenes that will make my attention to his stuff. we are from the same locality but we never talk each other.the thing is i was romance by h… [more]