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My parents fight every five minutes and when I tell them to stop fighting they just say "we're not fighting" IT ANNOYS ME!!!

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I Hate Feeling Like This But I Know One Day Will Be Better

I battled depression. And I got over it by myself. No doctors, no friends, no parents. Diagnosed in 2013 knowing I had been suffering it for years, and today... in 2015 I can finally say I got over it... [more]
  • I Am Wondering What the Point In Living Is

    I'M Pathetic I have a good family, they love me and I love them, but I've always felt worthless, I feel invisible, my brother ignores me when I decide to open up to him, I'm ugly, fat, I've never had a boyfriend, … [more]
  • I Am So Alone

    I'm in that point of my life where I have no confessions to make, like, it's boring.Yeah... you know, when I was 18 I was sexually attracted to a professor, when I was 19 I fell in love for the very f… [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    I had this dream last night my cat became a big monster but she was a lovely one, it was so weird she want to bite everyone but when she bit me it felt so good and I became a candy... a weird dream… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    I'm incredibly shy, I guess that's one of the many reasons I've been single for my entire life, and I've loved some people, but nobody has ever loved me back, I think.… [more]