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I'm in a bad spot in my life once again! Only this time I have lost my family(wife&daughter) I will be able to get some custody of my baby girl but the pain is more real and much deeper than ever... [more]
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  • I Told Someone I Love That I'm Transgendered

    So I recently came out to my wife! But I didn't read anything about how to do it I'm an all or nothing type of guy but I had kept my fem side hidden for 20 years out the 30 I been alive! It was eating… [more]
  • I Crossdresser Dallas

    So I'm not from Dallas I'm from north of Houston and I'm transitioning in Dallas. I am just starting counseling no hormones or hair removed yet but soon I expect depending on my counselors recommenda… [more]
  • I Have a Daughter

    I miss my daughter so do much!… [more]
  • I Im A Transgender Who Likes Girls

    So I grew up knowing that I had a fem side and all along I was told it was just a phase that it didn't mean anything that I should continue on with my life just find another way to relieve the tension… [more]