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I Am Unhappy With My Mother In Law Living With Us

My MIL is a tetraplegic. She was in a car accident and she damaged her c-6 and c-7 vertebrae. She is now wheel chair bound. I know starting a story about how I am unhappy living with my disabled... [more]
  • I Was The Victim Of A Bridezilla

    Maid Of Honor For The “not Bride” At Her “not Wedding” Fun title isn’t it? Ok, for this story, I need to jump back to Christmas Eve 2011 when my then-boyfriend proposed to me. Of course, I’m up at 6 am the next morning calling peo… [more]
  • I Was The Victim Of A Bridezilla

    The Bridesmaids' Dresses Only Come In Junior Sizes Simply put, I am supposed to be in a vow renewal ceremony in June. The ‘bride’ finally decided on the bridesmaids dresses. At first glance, it’s very pretty. My only problem at f… [more]
  • I Have Cervical Dysplasia

    Finally Ready For Children, Now This..... So, me and my boyfriend started to actually settle into the idea of getting married and having children.  We've been thinking about it for sometime and I knew I wanted to be absolutely sure I was rea… [more]
  • I Don't Get Along With My Mom

    Mothers! Don'T Call Your Daughters Fat. It'Ll Back Fire. I Promise. I have always been bigger than my mother. That's not saying much. I'm bigger built and more muscular. She's a size six without even trying. When she does try she gets down to a size four. … [more]