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I Like to Lie Outside and Watch the Stars

Lights So Bright. I lie on the earth, soft between the sheets of long green, sleepy grass, i am cushioned with the scent of evening flowers, perfume drifting in the cool night breeze, arms lay stroking the grass at my... [more]
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  • I Love a Good Massage

    Sensual I love giving massages, i have yet to have a massage myself, its such a long waiting fantasie just craving to happen. I was with a friend once and he gave me an amazing hand and shoulder massage and i… [more]
  • I Am Dating An Older Man

    Age Rated I recently started dating an older man, hes 42..very caring, patient and fit. I have encountered his impatient side, yes! I think he is a little controlling but he can't tame this kitty! : ) Yet When… [more]
  • I Believe In An Emotional Connection

    Strangers I met this man a couple of weeks ago, through a business contract, now it was to do with the house, the arrangements where he was to arrive at my house at 8:00am and do some packing of fragile parcels… [more]
  • I Don't Know How I Got So Lucky To Have You In My Life

    To A New Friend To have someone who smiles at you when they see you and look sad when you leave, someone who takes their time to explain things, but never doubts you, to feel the warm hug, to have someone laugh at yo… [more]