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A man with many unusual experiences of life. Looking to chat and make friends with similar minded people of all ages. I am also single these days, so open to meeting someone new as well.

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Favorite Quote If we were meant to wear clothes we'd have been born with them.
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I Love ************

Loved It Since I Was About 8. I first started ************ properly when I was about 8, and I've always done it pretty much daily even when I've beenĀ in a relationship.I also love to watch other people doing it, or... [more]
Naturecharles has shared 55 Mature Experiences
  • I Had Sexual Experiences In Childhood

    My First Proper Sexual Experience Aged 10. My first sexual experience occurred when I was allowed to take part in my first group massage session at a naturist camp.I was on the table with several pairs of hands working on me, and typical… [more]
  • I Think Everyone Pees In the Shower

    Introduced To It When I was 16 I was seeing this girl and every Friday night we had the house to ourselves. One Friday she asked me to take a shower with her. We got a bit passionate under the spray, kissing and holdi… [more]