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I Write Poetry

Treus Nicul let's go they say you'll be ok you won't feel a thing let's go, today they beckon to me but the calls are soft often so I'd decree it is not meant to be [more]
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  • I Write Poetry

    Desop An Moirr close my eyes and dream of a dream one where nobodies really going to know what I mean but here goes none the less through my thoughts i regress the waking of my time is … [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Idan & Ilus Eagerly waiting departures abating dutifully concentrating on simple metaphors done in an instant not concise but surely consistent fleeting before me… [more]
  • I Write Poetry That Doesn't Rhyme

    Fodis My mind fills, bitterly upon Lessons learned, through homework My back aches, long forgotten droughts Measly and insignificant signs, point the way I came Lost am I? Aching bac… [more]
  • I Am Alone

    Without Help I needed help with something. Usually I'm the one assisting someone, but this time around it was me that needed help. There was only silence though. After a while, someone even laughed at how trivial … [more]
  • Purpose

    Posted on: February 6th, 2013 at 2:52PM

    Each day without a job, makes me question my existence. I am living a life that no one in my family has ever lived, no one that I know has ever lived. I am wandering in the darkness of my mind, through each day, no matter how close someone might be. This experience is one I experience alone.… [more]


  • endless solitude

    Posted on: December 19th, 2012 at 8:32PM

    I hate these ******* speech bubbles that pop up next to the Log out. I keep thinking someone is trying to talk to me. I talked to someone the past two days. I helped this person fix their microphone. They seemed happy to talk to me and were thankful that I helped, but afterwards I think I just started to freak them out with my eagerness and happiness to communicate. I don't know why I'm typing this. I don't feel better. I'm thinking I'd simplify this by saying that I'm just a freak that likes to help people. but deep down inside, I feel so much hatred for everyone.My mood: extremely Frustrated and Confused… [more]