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I Have a Confession

just now i experienced the phenomena 'tears of joy' [more]
  • I Am Becoming Such A Loser

    Lets Play A Game 25.10.10 I like to play a game its called 'I'm better off alone'. I like to kid myself that I'm happy by myself. I look down on lovers like they're infected with an incurable disease. Whe… [more]
  • I Need An Escape From Myself

    Press Play I sit here tuning out the world Sitting with the greatest gift the devil gave the world  Music When the silence is deafening The sound of heavy metal  Sl… [more]
  • I Need An Escape From Myself

    Caged Mind   I have thoughts  But I don’t know how to rescue them Stuck in my neurotic mind, sentenced to a life of pain I sit here not knowing what to write … [more]
  • I Cry For No Reason

    Whats Worng With That....... my friends say i look like im always crying. ususally im not just that when i yawn my eyes get watery. however i do have a tendacy to spontaneously start to cry ...... with out warning  . poeple ask … [more]
  • grand finale

    Posted on: April 18th, 2011 at 10:38PM

    She drinks the final drop and seeks an audience for her final act. She smiles, captivating everyone's attention. Delicately she walks not to stir up her concentration. She stands on the ledge. Her eyes shut as she tunes out the world She stands in front of them her hand gently placed on her lap. She pivots forward and backward. They stare in amusement glad to see the despondency has finally faded. She takes a bow, the crowd applause at her glee mannerisms. Ready for her grand finale her hands fall to her sides she takes a deep breath Before gliding to the sky  hope u like :P… [more]


  • just wanted to know lol

    Posted on: April 18th, 2011 at 10:45PM

    so sometime back i asked almost everybody on ma bbm list 'gay straight or bi' lool totally random but its not smn that ma frens n i tlk about soooo i wanted to kno .... im not the type to assume these things lolsome days later ... i asked cass, nas n kally if it matters that i don't kno if im gay or bi .... deep down i really don't care but i wanted to kno if its a classification that really matter :| they said 'no' its doesn't matter ... was relieved .... still don't know which one it is ...but hey labels are for can ..... i am meheck sake im nellie sexual :pi like what i like .... preference changes like seasons .... like today i like demoy... yesterday i liked terry .... who kno maybe 2mr… [more]


  • if you only knew what u did to me

    Posted on: February 9th, 2011 at 10:56PM

    So my friend and I have gotten really close we play around and give each other the title 'oman' ..... We kiss nothing intense jus two seconds on the lips or a hole lot on the cheek..... We'll tell each other 'I love u everyday and at random moments she jus look at me n say ' I love u enuh '........ Love her tooo but I'm starting to fall for her. I try to totally box up my feelings cause she's straight n god fearing n the hole 9 yards sighhh........ And if I'm affectionate to another person she'll get upset .... Like right now I teewted ma guy friend n said' I love u let's get married' n she's upset -_- like seriously please stop toying with ma emotions like that cause every time u get upset … [more]