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I don't seem to have much to say these days. I'm on the outside looking in, and I don't much like what I see.

I think more strife is caused in this world by lack of understanding, than will ever be resolved by the pursuit of justice.

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Favorite Quote Evil is lack of understanding; faith in the illusion, "I am alone."
Vices The occasional cigarette, chocolate, and adrenaline.
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Gemini
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Books Conversations with God, Tao Te Ching, Celestine Prophecy
Music Music that I can see, taste, and feel.
Movies Into The Wild, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, What Dreams May Come, The Matrix Trilogy
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I Signed Up On Helpx

Work For Food And Lodging Helpx is a website that lists places that will put you up in shelter and feed you, in exchange for work. There are places you can stay all around the world listed there; some countries have thousands... [more]
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    Dear Dad, I Hate You Dear Dad, I hate you. I've hated you for nearly as long as I can remember. Let me count the ways. I hate you for every time you attacked me vocally. You called me a loser, a nerd, a little asshol… [more]
  • I Have a Son

    A Sad Story I was careless with an ex-gf of mine, and she got pregnant.  I have not paid a cent in support, nor have I been anywhere near him.  Of course, that is exactly 100% of my income now, so it's not like… [more]
  • I Think Sex Is A Spiritual Experience

    Synergistic Energy Exchange When I talk about sex I'm not specifically referring to intercourse. To me, a kiss is sex, holding hands is sex, even a conversation can be sex. Its about entities giving each other energy. It happ… [more]
  • I Get Deja Vu Often

    Double Deja Vu?  I get Deja Vu fairly often, and occasionally it happens in an extra weird way...  I don't just feel like I've done something before, but I get the feeling that I've had that Deja Vu befo… [more]