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Self-consciousness turns to insecurity

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I Have a Confession

Hey all, I actually don't really know how to star but somehow I feel like I have to keep on whatever I feel. You see, I just have to spill out because this burden I convey, it might stop me from... [more]
  • I Love Peter Pan

    I'm Not A Princess. I Just A Wendy Wannabe I grew up with Peter Pan. I read the story of his and I've always been captivated by his fascinating story, until now. Until I was about twelve year old, everynight, I always sat near the window,… [more]
  • I Love the Movie "A Walk to Remember"

    A Chance On Love: Life Changing I'm not usually drowned into the atmosphere that most of romantic movie brings. Some people also review that A Walk to Remember is just another teenage drama. However, things turn differently with thi… [more]
  • I Love Jesus Christ

    That's All I Can Say! I'm raised in Christian community since my childhood, but when we step on adolescence things turn a little rougher. I receive so many provocative question such as, "How do you prove that Jesus is Son … [more]
  • I Want to Be More Confident

    When People See What I Don't I'm so thankful for those kind people around me who tell that I have an undeniable talent to grow. I'm so flattered, but, somehow i can't see what they see. They keep telling, but I keep denying. Trul… [more]