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I'm a fan of anime, urban legends, horror, reading, music, children's card games and nerdyness. :3

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I Am a Real Vampire

I Really Need An Opinion... So here's the story. I'm 18, I found out about the real kinds of vampirism when I was about 15. I always had suspicions about whether I might be like that, because some of the stories really seemed to... [more]
  • I Love Rocky Horror Picture Show

    I'M Now A "Regular Frankie Fan" I didn't understand the movie the first time I saw it, now I have two of the songs on my phone and I feel like a part of it really connects with me. My friends at the youth circus are fans too, so we … [more]
  • I Feel Like a Mad Scientist

    Born To Love Science, Doomed To Never Understand It. I've always loved science, especially stuff to do with robots and AI, psychology, strange occurrences and various other topics. As a generally curious person I used to try whatever experiments I could… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I don't know what I'm feeling anymore...
    For those who might have read my last confession, I'm still waiting for an official autism assessment which is getting me pretty down. I've had insane amounts stress due to schoolwork that I'm falling behind in and just finished the main part of a media project where I worried a lot more than my partner and did a lot of the work despite me hating to talk to strangers or tell actors what to do (we were making a music video). I feel physically ill and in pain from carrying a heavy school bag which I can rarely empty for fear of feeling insecure and unprepared. Emotionally I'm constantly switching between crying every time something even remotely upsets me and being completely numb with a littl… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I'm seventeen and...
    At this age, I have imaginary friends. I won't say I'm not childish or crazy, because I know I act like a kid sometimes and everyone who knows me agrees that I was born without sanity, but I have a whole bunch of friends who aren't really there. They're mostly well known characters from movies and anime, Pennywise the clown, Jason Vorhees, Micheal Myers, even Megamind at one point! Some of them like to switch every once in a while or go away for long periods, but the one guy who always sticks around is Freddy (Krueger). He's like a second dad to me. It must sound weird confessing this since a few people close to me already know, but every time I tell someone in person I feel like they thi… [more]