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I Lifes So Hard With Teenagers

My Life As Aparent hi tomorrow is my birthday and guess what im not happy ,just wondering why im still alive some people want life because they are ill and i dont need it.when my children were small i use to pray i... [more]
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  • I Battle Depression

    I Fight The Right To Live Everyday Hi where do i start ,it all started when i was in a family that girls were just seen and really not where was i oh yes really not had a voice and was always told to shut up , you're stupid an… [more]
  • I Lifes So Hard With Teenagers

    Teenagers Are Horrible what can i say mum i need mum i what that's all i ever get im feed up of being a taxi driver and a cook and cleaner .when i was young my mum sat and told us what needed to be done ,but know they know … [more]
  • I Life As A Mask

    Life As A Mask now where do i start wake up feeling sad lonely and miserable kids driving me even more insane and then driving back home people staring at me as if i have 20 horn coming from my head ,i say you were … [more]