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I Have Told Someone I'm A Nudist

Just My Sister So Far My stepsister in fact. She was like 'whatever'. She didn't tell me to not do it or tell anyone I go nude when out parents are out but did call me a freak and said she didn't want to be nudist as well [more]
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  • I Almost Peed My Pants

    Just Now I was talking to my stepmum and stepbrother and bursting for a wee. But my stepsister was in the bathroom. As soon as she unlocked the door I rushed in and made it in time. Mostly because I did splash… [more]
  • I Havent Hit Puberty Yet

    I Must Have Started But not got very far. Some stuff 'works' but i am 14 and still have no pubes, or *****.… [more]
  • I Show For Pizza Guy

    Actually Postman It was earlier this year. I was up before dad and stepmum and i didn't bother dressing since they were not up to make me. The doorbell went and i decided to be daring. He looked surprised but didn't m… [more]
  • I Told My Family That I Am A Nudist

    Different Reactions I told them at different times, mostly as a reply to being asked why i wasn't putting clothes on. My dad looked uncomfortable and muttered to himself. My stepmum got cross and ordered me to stop being… [more]