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I Want Freedom

Forget School Dress Codes! Why when I wear leggings, I get told I can't wear them But other girls wear them. If I wear a tank top, not spagetti strap or narrow but the ones that is like a short sleeve shirt and it has no... [more]
  • I Hate God

    Why A Retarded Spirit One day, I was watching the Grammys 2012. So I felt some evil surround me afterwards. I pray to god, he didn't help me. I let the evil spirit enter me and now I have different alter egos and lastly, S… [more]
  • I Hate Facebook

    Just Frigging Hate It! I had gotten into a little accident with my period in class. There was blood on the chair (thank the devil, I was wearing dark pants.) so hopefully, everyone would just call it a day. Even I called it… [more]
  • I Tried to Commit Suicede

    My Life I hate my ******* life so much. I've argued with my parents, bullying has gotten intense and I starred cutting to this day. One day, I told my friend I didn't want to live anymore. She took me to the … [more]
  • I Lost My Ep Account

    A New Beginning So, I'm back I was missrainbowlove78609, but I couldn't log into my account. I'm curious though...… [more]