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I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee

My Last Bare Bottomed Spanking! Went for coffee at my sisters yesterday and we got reminiscing about things and both of us remember this particular spanking. It was years ago yet we recalled it as if it were yesterday although the... [more]
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  • I Witnessed Others Getting Spankings When I Was Growing Up

    I Often Saw My Sister Getting Spanked By Dad Because we shared a bedroom from about the age of 7 (8 for my sister Ria) I often witnessed her getting her bottom spanked by dad. Almost always he would take her pyjamas,or knickers down and smack he… [more]
  • I Hated Doing The Spanky Dance

    I Have Done The Spanky Dance! Until I saw this group yesterday I had no idea that the little ritual I performed after a spanking had a name but now I know, it made me think of the 'best?' dance I ever did. It was probably one of t… [more]
  • I Was Spanked And I Deserved It

    Never Wrongly Spanked. From age about 6 to 14 I was spanked by dad mostly along with my sister up to age 11ish. I cannot honestly think of a time I got punished for something I didn't do or had a part in and dad was meticul… [more]
  • I Like Victoria's Secret

    No Vpl I just love VS lace cheekies, no visible panty line and they just feel so sexy, even on a boring work day in workaday skirt and blouse the feel and knowing what they look like just makes me have a goo… [more]