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I'm open minded, I love singing, poetry... I'm an open book, and a people person.

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I Am A Poet

"waiting To See" (my Friend Was Going Through Brain Surgery" "Waiting to See" Reality seeps in as we sit here waiting Waiting in tears, feeling scared, shaking.. Not knowing what will happen Not knowing if he'll take one last... [more]
  • I Like Thick White Girls

    Thick, White, And Just Right. I am a 20 year old thick white woman. The only problem is most men like skinny girls. I have a beautiful face, I like my curve. I just don't get why men don't like a little cushion for the pushin?… [more]
  • I Am In Love With Someone I Cant Have

    Just My Luck throughout my entire life I have realized that I tend to get crushes on guys that are way out of my league. This wouldn't be a big deal if my crushes didn't turn into obsessions. The guys look perfect… [more]
  • I Learned Something From My First Love

    Liar Liar Pants On Fire if there is ever anything I learned from my first love, it was not to trust guys in general. As far as high school goes. high school is overrated as far as love goes. My first love, claimed he was a v… [more]
  • I Am Lgbt Or Friendly

    Dazed And ..confused? So I'm debating whether or not I'm bi.... I really like guys but I find some girls attractive but the girls i find attractive look like boys? Does that mean I'm straight? I personally don't care wheth… [more]