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I Want to Spend a Weekend Dressed In Female Clothing

Several Times.... I was all 'alone' a few weeks ago - and I do what I always do - spend the entire time dressed. I'm now away mid week - and went to see a potential flatmate. I took the plunge - and came out - and if... [more]
NicoleTS has shared 221 Mature Experiences
  • I Got Caught Wearing Pantyhose

    So Sheer - Is He Or Isnt He? I love wearing tights so sheer and nude you can hardly spot them - especially with them obvious.....and seeing if I get noticed. I was wearing girls running leggings - knee length, with a skinny… [more]
  • I Caught Crossdressing

    Seen Again...sometimes Fully Dressed Sometimes Just A Giveaway I wear sheer tights, knickers etc almost entirely - i usually go out with sheers on anyway - but I have been letting myself be 'caught' as it were - sometimes just to see the reaction I get - mostly f… [more]
  • I Wear Pantyhose Always

    I Have Worn Sheer Tights Since I Was 13 I discovered the delight of sheer nylon tights when I was younger. It started me wondering about many things biut mostly I loved the feel of them - it made me feel comfortable and that the sensation w… [more]
  • I Wear Pantyhose Always

    Every Day, All Day...commuting, Shopping...who Notices? I mentioned before that I'm a mega addict for my sheers. I'm busy at work at the moment and v stressy - and wearing my tights every day is my personal treat. Also my view is if I am going to get… [more]