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They call me tricky Nikki. I tickle the ivories for RaeLynn. Texas is the place I really love to be. Camo, fried chicken, maroon, Laynes sauce, cheese, Texans, Aggies, These are a few of my favorite things.

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Favorite Quote Quit slackin and make shit happen
  • a little Native American (Cherokee)
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I Have a Confession

Oh how I wish some people would just mind they own bidness..... Seriously. You don't know me, if you would like to awesome. But don't be running your mouth about things you have know knowledge of. Do... [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    As A Matter Of Fact, I Like Beer In some of my songs I have casually mentioned The fact that I like to drink beer This little song is more to the point Roll out the barrel and lend me your ears (Chorus)… [more]
  • I Write My Own Songs and Poems

    Twilight Woods What is this, where am I? Whispering voices say stay as long as you'd like. Who are you, Who am I, all alone in the Twilight. Come alive, the time is ripe, for our hearts to collide… [more]
  • I Write My Own Songs and Poems

    Till Distance Do Us Part She’s a sweetheart I'd make her mine, but she won’t let me in. I’ve tried time and time again. He’s a good man, I call him darlin’, but why can’t he see, that I’m just not the kind that … [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    Well basically by bestfriend is a *****. Yep you heard me right... she's a B I T C H. Every time I talk to a guy she sticks her literally big ole Nicki Minaj *** into the equation and tries to make me… [more]