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I Have a Weird Family

Me Family....dun Dun Dun I'm gonna list me order! :D Parents: Michelle a.k.a..........MOM! (41)  John a.k.a................DAD! (35?) Dallas 2 a.k.a.........Dallas's dad... [more]
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    its funny how i can be soo mad and feel such hate but then be with you and all my thoughts just slip away its funny how awesome you are and how good you look its funny how im feel the most unluckiest person ever...then i remember i have you and its funny how much i love you and long to see you… [more]
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    i dont even know
    im sitting here at 12:08 am wasting my life on this computer letting the minutes go bye and you would thiink as i relize this i would get off but i sit here and type. i want to cry...but i have no idea why i wanna see him so much..and feel his soft touch i hold back burning tears...typing away all my years i type to take away the pain....i know this i'll never gain but i see you and i fel nothing but your love and touch <3 I Love You David Hodgkinson <3 … [more]