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I'm a little girl who lives in Italy u.u

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I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

My Long Distance Relationship I'm from Italy and he is from Bangladesh. We have different cultures,different religion,we live in two different continents but we love each other a lot. It all started almost 10 months ago, I... [more]
  • I Have a Younger Sister

    My Little Sister Hey everyone :) I'm 17 and I have a 2 years old sister and a 7 months brother. My mom gave me birth when she was my age and I have been only child for almost 15 years. That means t… [more]
  • I Love Pizza

    Pizza *__* I'm from Italy,Napoli, where pizza was made for the first time and I must say Pizza here is something amazing *_* I eat it every week and I can't resist it at all haha so I suggest to pay a visit in m… [more]
  • I Love Life

    Long Distance Relationship Hi everyone :) After really long time i can say I'm happy. I closed my long distance relationship because it turned out to be almost an obsession, I couldn't do anything, I wasn't living anymor… [more]