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I Battle Depression and Anxiety

Verbally Abused my mother loves to abuse me and my sister verbally. I'm still kinda grateful because I've never been physically abused. that might happen? :'( I obviously have feelings. words hurt. [more]
  • I Battle Depression and Anxiety

    How Do You Overcome Anxiety And Depression? : My Ways Having a bad day... like everyday. Since 2nd January 2013 :/ it's because of my anxiety and depression AND also negative people around me. Sometimes, it's really easy for me to cope … [more]
  • I Battle Depression and Anxiety

    About Me: Problems I have anxiety. I have social anxiety and panic attacks. I also have depression. I feel so alone like all the time. And, I really hate it. I over-thinking things too much. My heart beats so fast at ti… [more]
  • I Like to Read

    This Is Not A Story... Haha :] So, I've just found out about this website! I'm a newbie, obviously :] haha. I hope I will make friends or at least a friend! :D xoxo… [more]