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I Like to Read Dirty Stories

Initiation To Dirty Stories Barely a week had passed that uncle made me aware of *** pleasures.It was afternoon.I went to the garden in back of the house.I was to pluck some roses.when I reached other side of the rose bushes I... [more]
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  • I Am Ticklish

    I Am Ticklish well what was a source of amusement in childhood has now become a practice to get rid of tensions acquired doing daily chores.I and my uncle do it on bedtime.I lie down on my sides keeping oen leg ove… [more]
  • I Talk Dirty During Sex

    I Talk Dirty Durin Sex. what we call dirty words have been lebbeled such by guardians of society.In one way they are right to keep society acceptable by children.But between two consenting adults enyoying sex slags are addit… [more]
  • I Love Reading and Writing Erotica

    Prvidence Plays Games This story is asequel to my previous story uder the with sme title. The rendezevos with my uncle on swingboard when he ****** my *** was seen by a servant of my house.He tried to blackmail me o… [more]
  • I Love Reading and Writing Erotica

    Providence Plays Games This story is aburning example of providence playing game in shaping up life.I will narrate it in 1st person. My parents died young in a road accident.They lived abroad and earned alot.I bec… [more]