Transgender , 26-30

Enjoy talking to people, would rather have a conversation about something interesting rather than about peoples drama. I do like to talk about bdsm and sex although it is not the only thing on my mind 24/7. My main interests are music, art and anything technologically advanced. Combinations of those are very interesting.

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I Love To Be Underwater

I Am Still Happy To Be Underwater I enjoyed taking trips to the ocean and to pools, my favorite activities were usually diving in pools for objects and swimming around in the oceanNow in the present I still enjoy... [more]
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  • I Love To Be Underwater

    Hmm I Wonder What They Are Gonna Do? Ever since my uncle taught me how to swim I enjoyed it immensely. I would do laps with him and try to improve my lungs to hold my breath longer and longer compressing the air to allow me to sta… [more]
  • I Love the Beach

    Feeling The Sand Between My Toes.. My favorite experiences with the beach involve running full sprint across the sand with the knowledge of how to do so without sinking in, and sitting near the water and letting the soft sand squish in… [more]
  • I Escaped Being Raped

    Not Sure How It Happened During The Day Well I the way my story goes is that I narrowly escaped being raped in a public setting on a Friday. I was waiting for friends by the bowling alley in my old home town, typical Friday I walked the two… [more]
  • I Dress As A Woman Every Day

    Why Not?! I have started living as a woman as I wanted to do this year and now I dress as a woman everyday. Doesn't mean I have to have a frilly dress everyday, I still wear casual asexual clothing too. I think… [more]