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I love to...Sing(Can sing in other languages), dance(Salsa, swing, merengue, cumbia...), write poetry(One of them ended up in the semi-finals), paint the town red(Dressing up and having a fantabulous night out), listen to many types of music(I have an extensive music collection. No ganster rap though. Ugh), read books on history and strange, but true facts, cook(I'm a great cook. Love to cook caribbean and ethnic dishes. No instant macaroni and cheese here. I wouldn't do that to anyone! LOL), buy gifts to my loved ones for no reason other than that I care about them, paint ceramics(I love paint. Especially of bright colors!), watch foreign and martial arts films(If you're into these types of films, that would be so cool!), crossword puzzles, jumble puzzles(I have the freakish ability to unscramble the jumble words), word games, play scrabble(The highest score being 624. Can you beat that? LOL), tell funny jokes, go window shopping, go to thrift shops and hit good sales, dress in feminine clothes(You won't see me going out with you in sweat pants. Ugh), domestic chores(I'm a clean person and do not like clutter), watch cool quirky shows(Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Ugly Betty, Wonderfalls, etc), and there's more, but let's leave at that shall we? LOL

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  • 100% Puerto Rican
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Books The Bible, The Scarlet Letter, The House Of The Seven Gables, Pride And Prejudice, The Importance Of Being Earnest, and books about history and strange, but true facts.
Music Wow, where do I start? I am a heavy music fanatic. I have over 1000 CDS and tons of songs on my computers, laptop and I-Pods. I love music from the 1920's all the way to the present time.
Movies Amelie, Groundhog Day, Man On The Moon, Bridget Jones's Diary, It's A Wonderful Life, action movies, martial arts films, surreal films, and foreign films.
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